The Libertyville Boys Club (LBC) is an Illinois not-for-profit organization comprised of volunteers that administer youth football and cheerleading programs Objective The LBC has been serving Libertyville and its surrounding communities f

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LBC Cheerleading Program Overview

Following is an overivew of the two cheerleading programs available through LBC:

This program is the best option for athletes who want the fun and excitment of cheerleading for football games, while learning sidelines, halftime routines, and the fundamentals of stunting.  Every athlete will be part of a "Game Cheer" team.  Cheerleaders will also be part of community events throughout the season.  

*Number of teams will be based off of the total number of athletes registered for the season.

**All uniforms and warm-ups are owned by LBC, and will be returned at the end of the season.


This is a challenging and competition-focused cheer program.  This program focuses on advanced skill development in line with competitive cheer standards, and the expectations of the Libertyville High School Cheer program.  Athletes practice existing tumbling, but are not required to have tumbling experience.  Outside tumbling classes are not required, but HIGHLY recommended, as tumbling is a primary component of competitive and high school cheer.  The Competition Cheer team(s) will have one additional practice a week, and cheer at additional tackle football games, as selected. 


*Number of teams will be based off of the total number of athletes registered for the season.

**Athletes will receive their uniforms through the $200.00 competition fee, therefore the athlets will have ownership of their uniform.


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We look forward to a great cheer season!

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