The Libertyville Boys Club (LBC) is an Illinois not-for-profit organization comprised of volunteers that administer youth football and cheerleading programs Objective The LBC has been serving Libertyville and its surrounding communities f

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The game of flag football is a fast-paced, non-contact game played between two teams. Each player on the offense and defense wears a set of flags. "Tackles" are made by pulling the flag out of the belt. All physical contact is strictly monitored for the safety of the players. The Libertyville Boys Club Flag Football League is an NFL sponsored league and jerseys are supplied with official NFL team logos.

The Libertyville Boys Club Flag Football League is centered around skill development on both offense and defense. On the offensive side of the ball, players will learn the fundamentals of throwing and catching a football, as well as running and maneuvering through a defense. They will also learn the proper method for taking a hand-off and how to run basic pass routes.  On the defensive side of the ball, players will learn the fundamentals of pass coverage and run reaction. They will learn the concepts of zone and man-to-man defensive skills, as well as the fundamentals of defensive footwork and pre-tackling skills.

Most importantly, players will learn the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. While there is a competitive component to the structure of the league, the Libertyville Boys Club Flag Football League is committed first and foremost to the concepts of fair play and good sportsmanship while teaching children to love the game of football.

LBC is currently offering 3 divisions for flag football; Kindergarten-1st grade, 2nd-3rd grade, and 4th-5th grade.   The season begins in early August with player evaluations (2-3 and 4-5 only).  Once teams are created there will be two weeks of practice (up to 2x per week) before the first game of the season.  The regular season will be eight weeks in length with  one practice per week and one game played on Saturdays.  The 2-3 and 4-5 leagues do have playoffs which will extend the season up to two weeks.